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Why This Match.com Advert Is NOT Okay

**UPDATE: Since the below story going viral, Match.com have confirmed that their recent freckly ads will be removed! Ginger justice, indeed.**

If you live in London, you may have come face-to-face with a rather anger-worthy advert on the Underground recently.

Match imperfections freckles

Since when were freckles (and possibly red hair, too) imperfections??

Upon seeing this extremely out-of-order and, well, just plain rude poster advert, our blood is boiling. And yours should be too, particularly if you have freckles.

Is there no one who works on these Match.com adverts who has freckles? Or someone who might think for one second, “Hmm, this is picking out a physical appearance and calling it an imperfection… is this going to offend anyone?”

Aside from millions of redheads, freckles are common in people with any hair shade, and are generally considered to be extremely cute. Match.com, you really messed up here.

Never before have these Match.com adverts picked out a physical appearance and implied that it’s an imperfection. Sure, previous #LoveYourImperfections adverts include ‘dad jokes’ and ‘Mark never has his travel card ready’ (heaven forbid, he’ll be single forever), but this is just NOT okay.

Match.com, thanks for the confidence boost, but we won’t be signing up.

Some reactions to this ad so far…





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By Emma

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