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Theatre: ‘REaD’, A Play About Redheads

Theatre: ‘REaD’, A Play About Redheads

While people have voiced rather strong opinions about redheads for centuries, we hope, like and dream to believe that the world’s current view of gingers isn’t quite as extreme as it used to be. Well, we’re not being burned at the stake, anyway.

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But throw yourself into REaD, the latest redhead-centric cabaret-cum-play and you’ll find yourself in a world where gingers are segregated, under curfew and discriminated.

It’s not a whole tale of woe, though. Able to see the funny in this dystopian world where ‘The Scarlet Church’ is a safe house for redheads, these anecdotes are twisted to show why you should be proud to be a part of a minority.



The theatre production sees three women (Belle Jones, Sarah McCardie, Linda McLaughlin) take to the stage to tell the quirky and funny side of having red hair. From pre-Raphaelite exotica to Disney’s Brave, the redheads explore what it means to be a ginger through song, dance and even a mini game-show.

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Creator of the show, Allie Butler, said: “REaD began life through a series of personal anecdotes told to me by red-haired female performers. Now it’s a mysterious cabaret-noir set in an alternate version of reality. We play with this setting and classic cabaret to explore what it means to be part of a minority – and proud.”

Touring around Scotland during May, book tickets to any of the six dates of REaD at


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