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Ginger Pride Walk, USA: 19 March 2016

Being proud of ginger hair is something that a lot of redheads learn to grow into, but in an ideal world, we would all be stinkingly grateful for our red hair as soon as we popped out of the womb.

But until that day happens, redhead events like the Ginger Pride Walk in Rome, Georgia, USA, will continue to take place.


Falling on Saturday 19 March, the sixth annual Ginger Pride Walk will feature a parade of redheads and their sympathisers, hoping to shun mockery and bullying of redheads and to instead empower gingers to be proud of their natural rarity.

Organiser James Schroeder said: “My goal is to teach kids and adults how to deflect bullying through humour, and in doing so empower themselves. I want people to be proud of their uniqueness and individuality.”

GingerPride walk

Meeting at Heritage Park at 10.45am, the crowd will march downtown to City Hall en masse, brandishing hand-painted signs of ginger pride-worthy slogans as they go. There will even be a marching band to accompany the parade.

To top it off, winners of the event’s Mr and Miss Ginger Pride awards will be revealed on the day. Voting is open until Thursday 10 March, being decided via the medium of Facebook for categories including infants to 8 year olds, 18+, and even ginger pets.

And don’t fret about the weather! Should the sun be shining, sunscreen will be provided for all. Phew.


For more information, visit the Ginger Pride Walk’s Facebook page.

By Emma


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