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Fashion: Nude Shoes For All Skin Tones By Christian Louboutin

Fashion: Nude Shoes For All Skin Tones By Christian Louboutin

Did you ever wonder what makes a “nude” shoe? Who decided that a nude shoe should be the peachy shade?

With the many different skin tones of people around the world, nude is relative to each and every person. A nude shade is definitely not the same for a pale-skinned red-haired woman as it is for a dark-skinned African American woman.

Will there ever be a nude heel that comes in more than just one shade? Christian Louboutin answers that question with his new line of shoes: The Nude Collection.

The Nude Collection by Christian Louboutin explores the fact that, unsurprisingly, we do not all have the same skin tone. The new range of nude-coloured shoes contains shades ranging from light to dark: perfect for our pale ginger ladies and also our dark-skinned ginger ladies!

This nude shoe line is much more inclusive to all races, letting us all have more opportunity to rock a pair of nude heels on a night out. The shoe line comes in a number of different designs, including flats. There’s a nude shoe calling your name for any occasion.

We all deserve to feel beautiful in our own skin, and skin comes in a variety of colours. Christian Louboutin is changing the face of representation in fashion: one shoe at a time.


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