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Red Hot 2: Photography To Celebrate Pale Skin and Freckles Of Natural Redheads

Those of you who have been following the Red Hot project go from strength to strength these past few years will be excited to learn that it is BACK!


2016 will be all about Red Hot 2 – and this time, things are changing. With more of a focus on pale skin and freckles on redheads (ginger hair will also be a huge feature, of course), the new phase will be all about the lavish and flawless rarity of being a redhead.

Red Hot 2 Jake Hold

Photographer Thomas Knights is now on the hunt for both females and male with natural red hair, with upcoming photoshoots over the next few months: Wiltshire in March, Rotterdam (nHow Hotel) 1-12 April, London (Camden) 15 April – 15 May and NYC in late May (TBC). Those who are modeling must be available in these locations for a one-hour shoot.

Interested? Send a clear face and body photo in a private message to Red Hot’s Facebook account and the team will be in touch.


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