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Ginger Emojis Are Coming!

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Redhead emojis are coming…everyone FREAK OUT!

This week, Unicode released their next proposed emoji update which will allow device users to customise the hair colour of emojis. Working in the same way as the skin tone modifiers that were added to Apple products in 2015, it will be possible to select different hair colours for certain emoji characters, namely blonde, black, brown, grey, bald, and…GINGER.

Unicode stated: “The Unicode emoji customization mechanism is used to request an alternate rendering of a particular emoji character. It is only used where the base emoji character is in some way generic, and the customization would be considered a variant of that base character. For example, it could be used to indicate that the MAN emoji should be shown with red hair, but not that the MAN emoji be shown as a cup of tea.

Hair attributes

“There are hundreds of possible distinctions among hair color, but because emoji are presented with a “cartoon” style it suffices to have just a few broad choices; that is also important to avoid font-size problems. The supported list is BLACK, BLONDE, BROWN, RED, GRAY, with the addition of Bald (no hair). This list is based on the distinctions made in the US Online Passport form, the UN Grounds Pass application, and other forms such as driver’s licences.”

As well as hair colour, the update will also allow users to customise gender and direction of certain characters.

The changes aren’t going to be implemented right now, though this is a huge development in Gingerkind’s bid to get redhead emojis, and we’d like to think that Ginger Parrot’s Change.org petition of 17,000+ signatures helped things along.

It is expected that the new update will be discussed following feedback from the likes of Google, Microsoft and the almighty Apple. So it could mean that we won’t see the ginger emojis until at least the end of 2016.

We are so close that we can almost taste the sweet, gingery justice of redhead emojis!

For full information on the proposed emoji update, visit Unicode’s website.


Ginger Parrot

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