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Sneak Peek of RED HOT Girls 2016 Calendars!

Sneak Peek of RED HOT Girls 2016 Calendars!

Often teased, ridiculed and even bullied, redheads get a lot of flack just for being the humanised version of unicorns.

Well, no more. At least, not if photographer Thomas Knights has anything to say about it.

Thanks to Thomas’s continually popular RED HOT project, with its exhibitions, books and calendars of semi-naked ginger men (calm down), the world is becoming more and more aware that red hair really rocks.

So Thomas thought it was high time that red-haired women were recognised for their awesomeness, too. Which is why RED HOT Girls are here for the first time, with pop star Nicola Roberts as its front woman. Now that’s what we call RED HOT. (Or if ginger guys are more your thing, check out the Guys 2016 calendar)

RED HOT Girls is all down to demand and the fact that it’s not just ginger guys who have a hard time growing up with red hair. Knights said: “Loads of ginger girls were coming up to me saying ‘We were bullied too, what about female redheads?’ So I thought it was time to give them a voice, too.”

Since 2013, Thomas Knights has been challenging the ‘ugly’ and ‘geeky’ ideologies that is so often used in the press to depict ginger men, and now RED HOT Girls are here to do the same.

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RED HOT is in line with UK charity the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which supports the projects aim to change how gingers are viewed in modern society.

Join the RED HOT party at the launch of the Girls and Guys 2016 calendars in London on Thursday 23rd July, which is when the calendars will be available in the Ginger Parrot Store, too.


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