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10 Reasons Why The Netherlands Is The Most Gingerful Country In The World


You may know the Netherlands for its delicious cheese, beautiful tulips and wooden clogs, but did you also know that the country is actually pretty gingerful, too?

But, as the nation celebrate Koningsdag (King’s Day) this 27th April, here are 10 reasons why the Netherlands wins when it comes to being the most gingerful country on the planet.


1. The Dutch Royal family’s surname means ‘of Orange’

This name came about when a predecessor of the current Royal family, Hendrik the 3rd of Nassau, married a lady from Breda and gained possession of the French principality Orange. He thereby got the title ‘Prince of Orange’, which has been passed down the family line by heritage ever since.


2. The Netherlands’ first flag was orange

The country’s first original flag, accepted in 1579, was a horizontal tricolour of orange, white and blue. The present flag, which is red, white and blue, became the official flag in 1937. Fortunately the orange wasn’t completely eliminated, because there is now an orange banner!


3. ‘Orange on top’

As the flag’s top colour was orange, there is a song called ‘Oranje Boven’ that literally translates to ‘Orange on top’. Pretty cool, huh?


4. Ginger rebels

“Oranje Boven” was also used as a battle cry by a group of Dutch rebels (de Watergeuzen) in the 17th century.


5. ‘The land of orange’

There is a well-known Dutch song that refers to the Netherlands as ‘the land of Orange’.


6. Wear orange for King’s Day, 27th April

On 27th April, a national holiday is held to celebrate Koningsdag (King’s Day), when every inhabitant of the Netherlands dresses head to toe in orange clothing, accessories, and even wigs (if you’re not lucky enough to be ginger already).


7. Patriotic sports

Orange can also be seen in the sport colours of the Netherlands’ Olympic Games and championships, and is also the colour worn by Dutch sports supporters (who are usually the loudest and the brightest).


8. Patriotic redheads

If you have ginger hair in the Netherlands, you’re instantly thought of as proud to be Dutch.


9. Redheads galore

The Netherlands boasts an estimated 5% of redheads, so fellow gingers will feel right at home!


10. Redhead Days ginger gathering

Last but not least, the Netherlands hosts the gingerfully fabulous Redhead Days in early September, the world’ biggest gathering of redheads in the world.

The whole city of Breda turns ginger as redheads fill its streets for a weekend of madness, from games and photography, to speed dating and a pub crawl!


When will you visit the Netherlands?


By Claire


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