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First of all, let me just say that I love the new sexually and racially ‘diverse’ emojis that graced our Apple devices with the recent iOS 8.3 update.

However, as a redhead, I feel unwanted. Blonde, brunette and black hair, but still no emoji with ginger hair.

So, in case we needed more reason to show the world’s need for redhead emojis, I thought it best to outline the top 10 scenarios when an emoji with red hair is absolutely essential.


1. When you are complimented on your ginger hair…again

As a ginger, accepting compliments on your hair is part of your day-to-day life. At the hairdressers, in the supermarket, or even just walking down the street – people cannot stop telling you how “unique” your hair colour is and how “beautiful it looks in the sunlight”. Yes, yes, my red hair is awesome, I know.


2. When a new Ed Sheeran song comes out

More commonly know as King of the Gingers, when texting about Ed, possible uses of the ginger emoji are endless, and will most probably be followed by a heart symbol, too.


3. When you catch a glimpse of dreamy Prince Harry

Picture this: you’re having a long weekend in London, you lay your eyes on the gorgeous, hottest, most redheaded prince you have ever seen. I bet a ginger emoji would look super cute in your Instagram post!


4. When you’re thinking of dyeing your hair red

There comes a time in every non-redhead’s life when they contemplate living like the lucky 2% of the world’s population. You’re at the hairdressers and trying to decide if you’ll stray from your regular brownish-blackish colour, and go a little bit red? Hello ginger emoji time!


5. To share your deep appreciation for The Weasley family

Rereading or re-watching The Philosophers Stone? The first time Ron and Harry meet, when Harry falls for Ginny, or basically whenever a Weasley is hanging around. Sometimes you don’t have time to spell the whole thing out; send that ginger emoji, and get back to the story!


6. For your ginger friends’ names in your address book

As a proud ginger, I always want my friends to be reminded of my adorableness. What are they meant to put next to my name? An orange? I don’t think so, Apple. Only a redhead emoji will do, thanks.


7. When talking about your future gingerful life

“I will live in a mansion with my incredibly hot ginger husband, several adorable ginger kids, three dogs and a swimming pool”. Predicting you’ll win the genetic lottery, you just NEED a ginger emoji for this one.


8. When you’re lost in a crowd

It has happened to all of us – you’re lost in a crowd, trying to find your friends. Spot a ginger? Stand right next to them, send the sweet ginger emoji, and wait patiently. Redheads are always easy to find in a crowd.


9. In response to your ginger friends’ fiery comments

We all have that one ginger friend that has a personality as fiery as their red hair. If there’s one thing that’s always an appropriate response to their knee-slashing comments, it is that neutrally powered sweet ginger emoji.


10. When you’re attending a redhead event

To mark the momentous occasions of annual ginger gatherings such as the Irish Redhead Convention or Redhead Day UK, why not celebrate by using the ginger emoji on every single post you make on all your social media.

Tweeting about carrot throwing, Instagramming from the freckle competition, or posting a Facebook status about being crowned Queen of the Redheads? Nothing would be better than to share a ginger emoji.


You know it makes sense.


By Grace

Follow Grace on Twitter @GraceOLearyy, or visit her YouTube channel.


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