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Jessica Chastain: I Love Being a Redhead, It’s a Badge of Honour

Jessica Chastain: I Love Being a Redhead, It’s a Badge of Honour

If you’ve not heard of natural redhead Jessica Chastain by now, then SHAME ON YOU.

As we predicted back in 2012, ginger-haired J-Chassy (we better trademark that nickname, quick) has taken Hollywood by storm with her incredible acting skills and glorious red hair.

She’s had a busy 2014 with Interstellar, Miss Julie, and The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, and she’s soon to release A Most Violent Year (in which she wears a blonde wig, sorry), and she shows no signs of stopping any time soon.


In her interview and photoshoot for the January edition of InStyle magazine, Jessica spoke about how she has grown to love her ginger hair:

“I think when you’re a kid, anything that makes you different is scary and for me that definitely was the case; my freckles and my red hair.”

But now? “I see it as a badge of honour and I love being a redhead,” said Jessica. And quite rightly, too!

Pssst, want to know Jessica’s skin secret? Sunscreen. She told InStyle: “I wear it every single day – even in winter, when it’s raining and overcast.”

I think we can all learn a lesson or two there. To be loud and proud of what makes us different, encourage it in others (particularly younger redheads), and to ALWAYS wear sunscreen.

Looks like Jessica Chastain just became our life guru.


Watch her behind-the-scenes interview here, or pick up a copy of January’s InStyle now!


By Emma

[Images: Giampaolo Sgura for InStyle]


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