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RED HOT BOX: Ginger Girls Take Over

RED HOT BOX: Ginger Girls Take Over

Thanks to RED HOT‘s unbelievable success, the whole planet now knows how ‘red hot’ ginger men really are (but then we already knew that anyway).

But RED HOT photographer and creator Thomas Knights thinks it’s high time that girls get in on the ginger action – why should the guys have all the fun?


Celebrating red-haired beauty and challenging negative ginger stereo-types, RED HOT BOX will add red-haired girls into the mix.

RED HOT BOX’s creation is all down to demand and the fact that it’s not just ginger guys who have a hard time growing up with red hair. Knights said: “Loads of ginger girls were coming up to me saying ‘We were bullied too, what about female redheads?’ So I thought it was time to give them a voice, too.”


Taking place exactly one year after the initial launch of RED HOT in London, the new (and safe to say, improved) exhibition at Covent Garden will display photos of the world’s hottest redheads, both female and male, on 16-31 December.

The pop-up will also feature a concept store, cinema and cafe, so you’ve got plenty of excuses to linger for hours and hours, without any judgment.

Whether you’re a lover of ginger men or women, or just want to spread the ginger love, RED HOT BOX promises to get us all very hot under the collar, which is extremely welcome at this chilly time of year.

RED HOT BOX’s grand launch kicks off on 16 December 2014 at 6pm-9:30pm, at 42 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London. The exhibition is open 11am-7pm daily until 31 December (closed 25 December).

Visit the RED HOT BOX Facebook event page for more details.

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