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Hair Tutorial: How To Use Hair Chalk For Redheads

Hair Tutorial: How To Use Hair Chalk For Redheads

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We all know that ginger hair is the best kind of hair. But we sometimes wish we could experiment with wild, unnatural colours, like blue, purple, and pink.

Yet somehow, we feel an overwhelming responsibility to Gingerkind to preserve our extremely rare hair colour, so we shy away from the idea.

Curse you, responsibility! *shakes fist at the sky*

We’re human, we love colour, and we want to experiment. We want to play with colour in our red hair!

Enter hair chalk, who is your new, colourful best friend.

Without making a huge commitment to having a full head of bright pink (chalk colour will likely totally disappear after one wash), hair chalk can add splashes of colour to your red head, without making you worry about it being permanent or damaging your hair.

It can get messy though.


You will need:

Non-oil-based pastel chalk – a set of a dozen colours usually costs £5-10, available online or at your local art supply or craft store

Hair straighteners or curling tongs (depending on your preferred style)

Clothing that you don’t mind getting messy



How to do it:

1. Ensure hair is clean from all products.

2. Thoroughly wet the section of hair you want coloured so that the chalk will attach to it. The wetter it is, the brighter the colour will be.

3. Rub the stick of chalk up and down the wet hair, colouring in until all of it is completely covered.

4. Leave your hair to air dry. While you wait, why not add colours to other sections of your hair?

5. Once dry, the chalked hair will feel quite solid and a bit crispy. To seal the colour, use heat styling, either by holding straighteners on your hair, or carefully using curling tongs to style.

6. Spritz with hairspray to finish.


Hair Chalk For Redheads Red Hair Ginger Hair

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Don’t forget our tippity top tips:

> The brighter the chalk shade, the brighter it will show on your ginger hair. Try turquoise or purple – our favourites for redheads!

> To make the effect even brighter, apply white chalk before the colour, to make it pop more. Basically, the lighter your starting hair shade, the brighter the colours will appear, so this chalking technique may be preferable for those with darker red hair shades.

> Try not to touch your freshly chalked hair. Yes it looks cool, but the chalk will crisp and fall off your hair, covering your fingers and shattering your dreams of multi-coloured hair.

> DO NOT chalk your hair on rainy days, or when going to the beach. Result? Chalk all over your clothes, none in your hair.

> Chalk can make your hair quite dry, so after you’ve washed out the colour, using a deep conditioner to add some moisture back to your strands.

By Emma


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