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‘Gingers Have Souls’ Redhead AKA Mikey Kittrell Releases ‘Gingerbread’ Music Video

‘Gingers Have Souls’ Redhead AKA Mikey Kittrell Releases ‘Gingerbread’ Music Video

Mikey Kittrell, the natural redhead who is otherwise known as the ‘Gingers Have Souls‘ kid or ‘The Angry Ginger Kid’, has released a hip hop song.

You might think that we’re joking, and that this is some sort of April Fools’ joke, but April 1st is long in the past, and some things just can’t be made up.

From reading between the lines of ‘Gingerbread’, Mikey sings about how proud he is of his red hair, and how he’s going to use his ‘Gingers Have Souls’ fame as a way to make some Gingerbread (we reckon).

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Ginger Have Souls Kid Gingerbread Music Video

All that said, however, ‘Gingerbread’ is undeniably catchy.

And the video is quite a spectable, too. Mikey wears an orange suit and matching top hat, and there are a lot of redheads and gingerbread men dancing and prancing around.

Our favourite lyrics from the song have to be, “Don’t pay attention to the haters or what they spread, Just do you and never forget to get that Gingerbread bread bread bread…”, etc.

Whether you love it or hate it, the ‘Gingerbread’ song will stay with you for days. Possibly weeks.


You can subscribe to Mikey’s Youtube channel CopperCab here.


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