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Winter Tartan Fashion For Gingers

Winter Tartan Fashion For Gingers

Winter is fast approaching and gingers are rejoicing in the promising lack of sunlight. Finally, no more worrying about shading our pale skin, no more sunscreen!

And as Autumn ends and Winter begins, Fall fashion reaches its peak and transforms into frosty goodness.

A lot of people assume our Scottish heritage thanks to our red hair, so this season’s top trend has got our name written all over it.

We’re talking about tartan, the clothing of our copper-topped ancestors, so have a snoop around your grandpa’s, dad’s, or brother’s wardrobe and steal a kilt!

Tartan is back and better than ever. The pattern is everywhere this season; and the festive reds and forest greens really make ginger hair stand out from the crowd…even more than normal! The more red the better!

Here are some examples of great tartan clothing that’s sure to let your ginger locks shine…



Tartan Dress - New Look

New Look: £22.99



Tartan Top - Forever 21

Forever 21: $22.80


Tartan Jacket - ASOS

ASOS: $80.09



Tartan Leggings - ASOS

ASOS: $16.02


Tartan Skirt - New Look

New Look: £17.99


Tartan Skirt - American Apparel

American Apparel: £57

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Tartan Gloves - ASOS

ASOS: £35


Tartan Scarf - ASOS

ASOS: £35


Tartan Bag - ASOS

ASOS: $49.83


By Emily


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