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Ginger Fashion: Bright Winter Coats For Redheads

Ginger Fashion: Bright Winter Coats For Redheads

It’s oh-so cold outside, and don’t we know it!

But, like many other redheads, Winter is my favourite season of all. No slathering on SPF 130 (yes, it exists), and no need to get my pasty skin out and allow every non-redhead to compare their tan to mine. Er, well done, you beat me.

Our background over the next few months will be all autumnal leaves and wintery snow, which both make our red hair look its best!

So let’s flaunt our utter happiness at being well-suited to cooler temperatures. While the rest of humanity can whinge about the disappearance of warmth and prime time tanning sessions, gingers should walk with a spring in their step – let’s brighten up our lives with colourful outerwear!

Check out our favourite bright winter coats for Autumn/Winter 2013.


Green Coat - Topshop

Topshop: £65


Pink Green Coats - Topshop

Topshop: £98, in Pink or Lime


Blue Coat - ASOS

ASOS: £70


Blue Red Coats - Topshop

Topshop: £95, in Blue or Orange-Red


Purple Coat - Topshop

Topshop: £195


Red Coat - ASOS

ASOS: £75

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Yellow Blue Coats - Topshop

Topshop: £79, in Yellow or Blue


Teal Petrol Coat - ASOS

ASOS: Was £90, Now £67.50


Red Coat Mittens Hat - Topshop

Topshop: Puffa Jacket £90, Beanie Hat £16, Mittens £14


By Emma

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