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Ginger TV: The Adventures of Katie Morag

Ginger TV: The Adventures of Katie Morag

Fans of the Katie Morag books by Mairi Hedderwick were thrilled when their favourite red-haired Scottish heroine made her comeback this week. And on TV too!

Katie Morag

The CBeebies adaptation boasts 26 episodes, and follows many of the same storylines made famous by the kids’ books about Katie Morag’s adventures on the fictional Isle of Struay, based on the Isle of Coll off Mull.

Playing the lead role of Katie Morag is Cherry Campbell, a cute natural ginger from Glasgow. She’s adorable!

Katie Morag Book

We’re so happy that the TV version of Katie Morag fits so perfectly with the books, even her jumper and kilt are the same!

Katie Morag shows on CBeebies at 5.25pm on Sundays, and you can catch up on BBC iPlayer here.


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