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Health: Eating Carrots To Look Tan!

Health: Eating Carrots To Look Tan!

As the weather heats up, redheads can despair as the sunscreen becomes a regular fixture in day-to-day life. We can also get a bit sad that no matter how many freckles appear on our pale skin, they never join up to form a tan.

The answer could be that you reach for the fake tan, but there’s a cunning, healthier option: eating carrots to look tan!

I mean, apart from the fact that ‘Carrot Top’ is just plain wrong as a nickname for gingers (errr, carrot tops are actually green?), redheads have a lot in common with the healthy rabbit-friendly vegetable.


Yes, we’re both orange.

And if being able to see better in the dark isn’t enough of a reason for you to chomp on a carrot, it might encourage you to know that, if you eat enough of them, you can get a tan.

Think about it. If you are what you eat, snacking on orange foods has got to show up somewhere!

Carrots are jam-packed with antioxidant alpha-carotene, which is stored in the fat cells just below your skin’s surface when eaten. And, if consumed frequently, these cells begin to glow, mimicking a tan! Magic.

Experts suggest that consuming more than one serving per day shows best results, which should be noticeable after approximately two months.


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Eurgh, but carrots? They can be a bit boring. However, the friendly orange contains the same antioxidants as the carrot, so the same result occurs when you increase your dose on this health-packed fruit.

There are more bonus points, too! Alpha-carotene is great for helping improve eyesight, keeping your skin looking young, and boosting your immune system.

Everyone wins!

By Emma

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