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Fashion: Ginge London

Fashion: Ginge London

As you know, the celebration of gingerness runs through the veins of our pale bodies 24/7. So when we scouted new fashion label Ginge London, we knew that we had to get in touch (and buy every item available).

Fronted by designer and natural ginger Charlotte Knight, Ginge London combines style with the best aspect of redheaded life: INDIVIDUALITY.

Red hair is noticed everywhere because it’s different, and we should embrace what makes us unique.

Ginge London

We had a chat with Charlotte about the brand, growing up with red hair, and what she loves most about being ginger…


Hey, Charlotte! Tell us about Ginge London…

Ginge London started off as a university project. I got given the chance to design anything I wanted, and the idea was to make money from it.

I love wearing snapbacks but all the hats I could find on the market were quite masculine. After brainstorming a few ideas one day, I started to create designs with studs and that was it – the foundations of Ginge London were built.

The sample hats I had created I wore out everywhere and the response I got from the public was incredible – people asking me, “Where did you get that hat from”, so I knew that I had to turn it into a business.


How did you come up with the name?

I decided to call my brand Ginge London after myself, because I’m a natural redhead and have been called Ginge most of my life by my friends and family.

I thought the name was quirky and different. It can be shortened just to Ginge and people familiar with the brand will still know its Ginge London because it’s unique.

Although I am from Essex London had a better ring to it rather than Ginge Essex.


So you’re a natural redhead – how do you like it? Is it something you’ve always been proud of?

I was very fortunate that I wasn’t really teased in a horrible or bullying way about my hair colour – it was always lighthearted banter.

When I was at secondary school I didn’t really like being a ginger so I went blonde. As I’ve got older I have embraced my ginger roots – literally!

My family and friends will call me ginger-related names or refer to me as ginger celebrities but I have never really taken offence to it.


There’s still a stigma attached to ginger hair, but how do you think attitudes have changed towards red hair in the past few years?

I think celebrity culture has changed the perception of redheads, especially since the introduction of all the weekly magazines and the Internet including social networking sites.

We now have more access to celebrities with ginger hair who have probably made being ginger more fashionable. I think for me, celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan (in her Mean Girls days), Nicola Roberts and even Prince Harry have made gingerness more ‘socially acceptable’.

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A lot of people now say to me they wished they were ginger!

GINGE London clothing - hat


What do you love most about being a redhead?

I think that my hair colour makes me unique – most of my friends are either blonde or brunette so it makes me stand out from the crowd.


What’s next for Ginge London?

I recently launched my bum bag line for the festival season and also a new camo hat which are both doing really well.

I have just finished designing my Autumn/Winter line which should be coming out in September and then I’ll be looking for ideas and inspiration for next year’s collection.


For more information on Ginge London and their products, visit, an awesome source for fashion for redheads!

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