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Emma Stone Speaks Her Love For Red Hair!

Emma Stone Speaks Her Love For Red Hair!

As much as we adore natural redheads, we also have an incredible amount of ginger love for those who choose to join us on the red side (the best place to be).

And, as heartbroken as we were when Emma Stone ditched her popular red hair for blonde locks (for her role in The Amazing Spider-Man), she admitted in a recent interview that she would love to become a redhead again!

During the interview, Emma was asked (by a ginger reporter, we love to add) about her reaction when she realised that her character in The Croods, Eep, is a redhead. By the way, you can probably guess our reaction to that realisation *gets off the ceiling*

Emma said: “I was like ‘Oh my God’ when I saw the animation. She had red hair and green eyes, which was so wonderful. I thought it was fantastic and it really makes her stand out.”

She continued her love for ginger hair, saying,  “I like to dye my hair red. I’m not a redhead naturally, but you know I’m a great supporter. I love the red. Blonde is the easiest because it keeps growing out this way, but if it weren’t for Spider-Man, I’m sure I would still be red.”

Perhaps there is a distinctly amber-coloured light at the end of the tunnel?

For more info on The Croods, and to watch the trailer, click here. It’s out on March 22nd!


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