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Music: Ginger and the Ghost

Dressing up in feathers, tattered material and multi-coloured paint is one way to get yourself noticed. But there are plenty more reasons why you’ll love Ginger and The Ghost, and it’s not just thanks to experimental styling that you’ll become hooked.

As you can probably guess, this two-piece band from Australia is formed of a ‘Ginger’ and a ‘Ghost’. Red-haired beauty Missy is the Ginger and Dan and his dreamlike nature makes up the Ghost.

Their sound mirrors this surreal, delicate image; think Bjork crossed with fairytale stories and the kind of music you would imagine to play if you were running through forests and fields during the twilight hour.

We interviewed the band to see what makes them tick as a band, why Missy luuuuuuurves being a redhead, and who their all-time fave gingers are.

How did the band form?

Missy: We were both part of other bands and I endeavoured to create a new music project with Dan where we could have full creative control.  We wanted to put our imagination into song.


How did you choose the name Ginger and the Ghost?

Missy: I thought that it sounded like the name of a children’s adventure book series. Ginger represented me because of my “ginger” hair colour.  The “ghost” represented Dan because of his nature.


Your sound is incredibly imaginative and hypnotic – how do you strive for this dreamlike state?

The sound came completely naturally.  We developed the sound intuitively inside the studio.  Our styling and props were then inspired by our sound.


Who/what is your inspiration?

We are inspired by:

– David Attenborough (film-maker)

– Salvador Dali (painter)

– Hans Christian Andersen (fairytale writer and poet)

–  David Byrne (Musician/Talking Heads)

–  Bjork  (Musician/Artist)

– Anyone being creative is inspiring!


Do you find your style contributes to how your music is received?

Yes, our style is represented through a purely childlike aesthetic using materials that look handmade like torn material and crumbled paper.

We also use projections that represent our sound and soundscapes like thunder and rain that give off an overall feeling of what our sound means to us.


Missy – how do you find that your ginger hair contributes to your individual style and helps you stand out from the crowd? Do you enjoy donning the ginger shade?

Missy: I LOVE donning the “ginger” shade. My hair is completely wild and has a mind of its own!


Missy and Dan – who are your all-time favourite gingers?

–  Tina Louise (Ginger Grant on Gilligan’s Island)

– Susan Sarandon

Christina Hendricks


Describe in five words your mission as a band.



Endless Creation



For more info on Ginger & The Ghost, visit their Facebook page and Youtube channel. You can also follow them on Twitter @Ginger_TheGhost.

[Image: Lyndel Yeo]

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