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Fashion: Can Gingers Wear Orange?

Fashion: Can Gingers Wear Orange?

Having an orange colour on your head is an accessory that gets you noticed. Whether it’s a compliment by a friend,”Oh I just luuuurve your hair”, or a ginger jibe from a stranger (let’s face it, they’re just jealous), it’s fair to say that our rare red hair is rather eyecatching.

So, some of us may wonder why we might want to draw on that attention further. We may feel self-conscious at times, so we wear dull colours that can wash out our hair.

[Image: Twitter/ Bella Thorne]

But, take a look at Bella Thorne. With her long ginger hair, she’s not fussed about getting attention. In fact, she applauds it, by always wearing red, orange, and pink!

And the best part is that the colour doesn’t wash out her complexion and make her look extra pale. The shade compliments her copper locks… she looks like the sun!

So here are a few orange frocks for when you want to stand out of the crowd even more!


H&M: £14.99


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By Emma


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