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The cutest list of names for ginger babies

The cutest list of names for ginger babies


Of course, we hate to state the obvious, but Ginger makes for a sweet baby name. Ginger is an American name that was popular in the 1950s. It is a name that can be shortened to “Gingie” and celebrates the hair colour and spice!


I don’t know about you, but Scarlett immediately makes me think of fiery red hair. Scarlett is a powerful name – which quite literally means ‘red’.


Who wouldn’t want to be named after the most famous bright red flower? Not only do poppies resemble the colour of ginger hair, they are also a symbol of remembrance, strength and hope for a peaceful future. 


The name Hazel is not only unique, but it gives a woodland feel. As you may already know, the colour palette that is recommended to gingers literally screams autumn and woodland tones! The name Hazel also perfectly represents the mix of brown and golden hues that are often found in ginger hair.


Rowan is a Gaelic name that translates to “little redhead”. I mean, you can’t get more perfect than that. It is a unisex name too, so it would also be perfect for any ginger-haired infant.


Another step back in time… Rory is a Gaelic name that means “red king”. For those of you who have watched the series ‘Gilmore Girls’, you would have become acquainted with the powerful ‘Rory Gilmore’ (and technically short for ‘Lorelai). Rory is a unique name, suitable for any child with fiery locks.


I know we said we hate to state the obvious, but we just had to go there! The name Auburn is an obvious symbol of the reddish-brown shade of ginger hair. 


Stating the obvious again, yes!


Yes, we know, it is another flower name. But come on, this name is so unique and perfectly symbolises the golden hues of ginger hair! A redhead with this name would make the perfect ‘Goldilocks’. 


Another beautiful, sweet-smelling red-coloured flower!


Irish meaning ‘little rose’.


The English version of Roisin, meaning ‘little rose’.


Saffron is a vibrant orange spice that is often found alongside root ginger in masala chai. In our opinion Saffron, which could be shortened to “Saff” or “Saffy”, would be a perfect for a redheaded baby girl.

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Again, it’s another straightforward name that states the obvious. Baby Ruby with ruby hair – can you imagine! Of course, describing the deep red colour of ginger, red hair and the name Ruby literally go hand-in-hand.


Old English meaning Rudyard meaning ‘red yard’.


Rust is made up of multidimensional colours, just like redheads’ hair, and it’s beautiful. It’s also a great nickname for a Russell, which coincidentally means ‘red-haired’ in Anglo-Norman.


Phoenix, yes, like the bird. Just like in mythology, the name Phoenix is powerful and fiery – which is just perfect for any redheaded baby!


Flynn is a great name for those who like a traditional and historic feel. Flynn is also a Celtic name that means “reddish”. Come on! Is this not the perfect name for a baby boy with ginger hair.



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