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Calendar of Redhead Events 2024

Calendar of Redhead Events 2024

Here it is! The annual list of events that allow you to celebrate your gingerness with your fellow redheads. From performances, to pints, and pizzas – plan your year right here!

World Redhead Day – 26 May 2024:

To celebrate less than 2% of the world’s population, the day has been dedicated to empowering redheads all over the globe, and is recognised in the day of the year calendar.

Redhead Sicily – 6-7 July 2024:

This festival usually takes place in September, on the coast of Favignana in Sicily. This event greets you with, not only the picturesque views of the ocean, but also games, music, stalls, and competitions.

More info on the 2024 event here

Roodharigendag (Redhead Day Netherlands) – 23-25 August 2024:

Possibly the most famous ginger celebration of all. This summertime festival is held in Tilburg, Netherlands. The festival focuses on art, lectures, music and demonstrations connected to red hair. This year, redheads are invited to attended a carnival parade. Redheads have been asked to wear this year’s colour theme: green.

The festival was founded by the Dutch artist Bart Rouwenhorst, who advertised his need for ginger models back in 2005. Instead of the 15 he asked for, 150 redheads volunteered. The group took part in a photoshoot, and for years later, the tradition continued. There you have it! Roodharigendag!

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day – 1 September 2024:

No word of a lie, the USA has officially dedicated a day of the year to celebrate the ginger felines in our lives. This day appreciates the unique beauty and orange coat of ginger cats!

Redhead Day Germany by MC1R magazine – Hamburg, Germany – (2024 event TBC, usually September):

Redheads from all over Germany gather in the city of Hamburg for “Redhead Day Germany”! From a big group photo to getting to know each other, redheads can enjoy each other’s company and bask in each other’s gingerness.

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Festival des Ch’tis Roux – France, Arras – (2024 event TBC, usually October):

This festival takes place in Arras, a city in northern France. The event hosts fashion shows, a ‘redheads got talent’ competition, stalls, music, and great food. Festival des Ch’tis Roux (Welcome Redheads Festival) intends to celebrate redheads worldwide.

“Night of the Walking Red” – Troy, New York, USA – (2024 event TBC, usually October):

The concrete jungle where your dreams are made of! The League of Extraordinary Redheads hosts a ‘Night of the Walking Red’ pretty much every year, held in Troy, New York. This event usually takes place within the first week of October. There are drinks, games, and food available to all of the guests. There is also an opportunity to witness lectures and have your photos taken on a red (of course) carpet!

Redhead Celebration Day on the Hellerick’s Family Farm, Pennsylvania – 2 November 2024:

Every year, the Hellerick’s family of (mostly) redheads use their farm in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to host Redhead Celebration Day. Guests are to be greeted with a photoshoot on the ‘Orange Carpet’, drinks, food, plenty of activities, a ‘Goat Experience’, sunflower fields, and live music!

Love Your Red Hair Day – 5 November 2024:

This day is recognised as an international celebration day. It is dedicated to appreciating those with red hair, whether you consider it to be auburn, ginger, burgundy, or red – this one is for every single one of you!

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