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Will red hair trend in 2024?

Will red hair trend in 2024?

For the last two years, it feels like red hair has been everywhere. That’s because it has been everywhere!

Ever since Kendall Jenner revealed her new ginger locks in the Prada catwalk, celebs all over the globe have been decked out with carrot tops. 

I mean, who can blame them. 

From Bridgeton Actor Phoebe Dynevor, Model Kendall Jenner, Rapper Doja Cat to TV Personality Stacey Solomon, it was clear that red hair was trending. 

While it did come as a surprise, we should be glad that natural redheads were finally getting the recognition that they deserve. 

But in order to prepare for another year of fashion trends, we have to ask the big question: Will red hair be trending in 2024?

Long story short, there are mixed reviews. 

According to Chaz Dean, a hairstylist and colourist: “The 2024 hair colour trends are a bit more conservative and natural than we’ve been seeing.”

While ginger hair is natural to us, it’s not exactly conservative and subtle. 

But hair colourist Sachi Kumagai has recognised that the MC1R gene comes in many tones and variants. 

“Warm tones and major shine are key for 2024,” she said. 

Since 2022, it has been all about the fire – the brighter, the better!

But now, it appears that the brighter and more ‘orange’ shades of red hair have been thrown out of the window for the trend expectations in 2024. 

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Instead, it’ll be more of the deeper and darker shades that will come into the spotlight next year. 

The trending red shade has been dubbed as “cherry cola”, also known as “cherry coke hair”.

Unfortunately for us natural redheads, this colour is hard to obtain naturally and is the perfect balance of deep auburn and red wine tones. 

It seems in 2024, natural redheads can sit back, relax, and be the unique-looking ones again. 

So, take it from us, and the hair colour experts of course, don’t be surprised if you see more cherry red and auburn highlights next year. 

Natural-looking ginger hair may not be trending in 2024, but it is always trending in our eyes.

After all, anyone that has ginger hair quite literally looks… fire.  

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