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The perfect shades of orange for redheads to wear

Is it just me or does autumn scream ORANGE? (Read: ‘ginger’, why thank you).

I am sure many members of the less than 2% club have been scared to wear orange. For some reason the idea that we will look like a literal orange scares the hell of some of us when we consider wearing one orange item of clothing!

But orange can be extremely complimentary for redheads to wear – especially when it is worn right. By this, we mean you just need to find your perfect shade!

Colour scientists have found that there are in fact more than 99 shades of orange, so there’s plenty to go around.

If we were to discuss every shade, it would be such a long read that autumn would have passed us by and we would all be singing along to Mariah Carey and Michael Buble, so, here are our favourites:

For paler skin types:

Rust, Copper and Burnt Orange shades:

If, like many redheads, you have pale skin, rust, copper and burnt orange each have a metallic tint, which will make your skin glow and highlight your cool undertones. The depth of these colours will also draw attention to your red hair, by making it shine but also darkening it to an auburn-like shade in the process. 

For darker and warmer skin types:

Carrot Orange and Tangerine shades:

These brighter tones are the perfect match for darker and warmer skin types – because of the contrast. Warmer toned redheads will not be overpowered by these vibrant colours, because they balance each other out. 

Brighter shades of orange will enhance your ginger hair colour, while merging with your warm undertones. Essentially, you will be positively GLOWING. 

Apricot, Coral and Peach shades:

These lighter shades are muted oranges that hold a warm and complementary tone that will not only make your skin appear more golden, but the tones will also make your red hair seem brighter – but be careful they don’t wash you out! 

The contrast of the muted orange and the vibrant orange on your head are an extremely complementary statement!

Do you like to wear orange with your red hair? Which shades do you like best?

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