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The best comebacks to ginger bullies

The best comebacks to ginger bullies

Bullying is so old-school, but unfortunately, for some reason people still enjoy putting people down.

It is simple. Whether they are a jealous or just a very sad individual, it is always best to ignore them and walk away.

But! If you do ever feel like biting back, here are a few comebacks to have up your sleeve:

“But aren’t carrot tops green?”

“In a world where nobody wants to look like anyone else, you wish you were as rare as I.”

“Do you know how many cool things my body can do? Just because I am a redhead!?” – Proceed to list some of the amazing MC1R qualities.

Just a simple, “And your point is?”, will do.

“At least my hair is washed…”

“I can dye my hair, but you can’t change who you are.”

To really throw people off, just respond: “That’s not what you said yesterday.”

“Well you’re (whatever hair colour they have) but I’m not complaining?”

“Yes I am ginger, but I am also funny, charismatic, kind and adorable!”

“You’re just annoyed at the fact that you’re average and I’m not.”

“What’s that? I have no soul. I’d keep your distance then.”

“Yes, I am ginger, and so is most of the royal family – your point is?”

“If you’re jealous, a £6 bottle of dye will do the trick… If there are any left.”

“Yeah I have red hair, just like Karen Elson. You may have seen her? On the cover of Vogue.”

“Just come back and speak to me when you represent less than 2% of the entire population.”

“My head literally symbolises luck and good fortune. It can’t be that lucky if you’re still in my face.”

And my personal favourite: “Oh yeah, I am a vampire too, be careful.”

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