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Redheads can’t wear pink and other lies

If you have ever read or heard of the book ‘feminists don’t wear pink and other lies’ by Scarlett Curtis, then you know where this is going already… 

Many redheads have been told that they should avoid wearing the colour pink at least once in their life – maybe it is because most of us have red undertones in our skin, or maybe it’s because we risk turning into a pink lobster during the summer!

But in our opinion, it is a complete myth that redheads can’t rock the colour pink!

This is a complete ‘how to wear pink’ guide so that if you want to attend the new Barbie movie dressed in pink from head to toe like everybody else, then you can! 

First things first, wear a shade of pink that contrasts your undertones, you don’t want to walk around and risk looking completely nude. So, if you have more of ‘reddish’ pink skin undertones, then you will want to wear clothes that are a neutral and pastel pink shade. However, if you have more of a pale pink undertone, then a brighter and ‘hotter’ pink shade will look great!

Another great think about pink, is that it surprisingly works well with many colours. Hear me out… Pink and red are a great match, especially for us redheads who are constantly probed into wearing red!

Guess what, pink also works really well with other typical ‘redhead’ colours like forest green and royal blue!

If being bold in the fashion world isn’t really your thing, then you can easily adjust your style choices by adding pink accessories into your wardrobe. You can always start by wearing a small pop of pink, such as a pink bag, a pair of pink earrings, pink sunglasses, pink shoes, or my personal favourite – a pink blazer. 

An oversized pink blazer is the perfect pop of pink, which would look great with a white t-shirt, a pair of wide leg denim jeans and any pair of white trainers. 

Another great way to incorporate a pop of colour into your looks is with shoes. A bright/hot pink heel looks great under a pair of jeans – a very ‘dressy casual’ look. However, lighter tones of pink will also stand out!

You could even start wearing pink for a few hours a week, instead of a whole day to ease yourself into a colour that you usually would have avoided. Start by investing into a pink swimming costume, bikini, or gym set. You could also start by wearing a pink dressing gown, slippers, or pyjamas if you find leaving the house in a pink outfit extremely daunting!

Last but not least… makeup. As you may have seen, a pink blush has become an extremely popular makeup choice in 2023. So many people are adding a hint of pink to their cheeks each day, but some of us are lucky to have a natural pink blush anyway!

Another way to bring out your hair colour by wearing pink is by using a pink eyeshadow. For those of you with pale pink undertones, again, a hot pink eye look will work very well! But for those of you who have ‘reddish’ undertones, we would recommend that you opt for a lighter shade of pink on your eyes!

The same can be said for lipstick and nail varnish! Depending on your undertones, lipstick and nail varnish can be great ways of highlighting your hair colour. Lipstick is also a very useful tool to use when you want to brighten your eyes!

So, to all of my fellow redheads out there, please don’t be scared to start experimenting with pink! After all, if you feel good and look good, then that is all that matters! 

P.S. There is no time like the present to start embracing your inner Barbie and Ken!

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