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Redhead review: The SunnyPatch UV-Detecting Patch

Redhead review: The SunnyPatch UV-Detecting Patch

The SunnyPatch was created by The Natural Patch Co, who “combine the healing and remedial power of nature’s essential oils with scientifically developed sticker patches”.

The Natural Patch Co shop boasts several collections of patches that have been each been made with natural ingredients. These collections include ‘Outdoor Protection’, ‘Wellness & Cognitive’, and ‘Respiratory & Allergy Relief’. 

This week, we tried and tested the SunnyPatch, which is part of the Outdoor Collection. As redheads, we were of course dying to try this out – anything that can help us stay safe in the sun!

The SunnyPatch is a UV detecting patch that has been crafted with a colour-changing material that alerts you when it is time to reapply sun cream. The patches are water-resistant and work with all sunscreen types. 

Each packet costs £13.00, with bundle deals available on The Natural Patch Co website. Inside every pack, you will find 24 patches!

Although these patches are advertised for kids, we thought that (as redheads) we would give it a go too!

Step 1: Simply unpack the sheet of 24 patches from the packet. 

Step 2: Stick the patch on the part of your body that attracts the sun the most. 

Step 3: Apply a layer of your chosen sun cream. Make sure you are applying enough sun cream and evenly across all parts of your body that are exposed to the sun.

Step 4: Enjoy your time in the UV rays and wait for the patch to turn purple!

Step 5: Once the patch has turned purple, it is now time for you to top-up your sun cream.

Redhead review: what did we think?

The instructions on the packet are simple and easy to follow. There are also step-by-step images on the back of the packet that children can follow too! The patches are small, around the size of a one-pence piece. 

The patch felt almost like a thick layer of skin, and was extremely easy to stick onto my skin. 

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I chose to stick the patch on my arm, due to the fact that (based on personal experience) my arms are most likely to burn than any other part of my body. 

As it was only 20 degrees and cloudy in London, I opted for the Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture sun cream which is SPF 20. When I put the suncream on, it glided straight over the patch and the patch stayed in place. 

Due to the overcast weather, after two hours in as much sun as I could find, my patch had not turned purple. So I felt safe in the knowledge that my sun cream was doing its job and I’d applied enough to stay protected that day.

Later on in the afternoon, to test the water resistance of the patch, I put my arm in a sink that I had filled up with lukewarm water for around five minutes. The patch did not budge!

Finally, I peeled off the patch in the evening and it came off easily – without ripping any hairs off my arm.

So far, we only have good things to say about Natural Patch Co’s SunnyPatch, but we will be sure to test it again on a sunnier day in London – which is hopefully someday soon! Buy yours from

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