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Top 5 ginger Pop artists that redheads should listen to

Elton John

There is no doubt in my mind that you would have heard this man’s name. Elton John is not only an LGBTQ+ icon, but he is a ginger icon too! Although he is a natural ginger, Elton is mostly known for wearing funky glasses on stage. He consistently performs wearing the biggest framed pair of sunnies that you will ever see!

Elton John is not only a singer, but he is also a pianist and composer. Throughout his career, Elton John has toured all over the world. To date he has sold a total of 19 million tickets, putting him ahead of Bruce Springsteen and Madonna as the highest-grossing solo artist. 

Elton John is most famous for the song, ‘Candle In The Wind’, which is considered the best-selling single of all time! 

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne is a singer-songwriter who is most famous for her hit single, ‘I’ll Be There’ from 2018. The singer also boasts a huge head of gingerness. She has thick curls that she regularly wears out to show off on stage or at awards shows. 

Like every other musician, Jess gets inspiration for her songs through breakups. In 2015, she revealed that her relationship with an anonymous woman left her, “heartbroken and in a dark place”.  Poor Jess, but at least heartbreak makes great music!

Florence and The Machine

“The dog days are over” – I am sure that most of you would have heard these words blasting on the radio. ‘Dog Days Are Over’ is Florence and The Machine’s top track from 2010. Not only are they one of the most successful indie-rock-pop bands, but they also show off just how cool redheads can be! Florence, the lead singer, is a dyed redhead who really gives off those Daisy from ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ vibes. Like Daisy, Florence rocks chunky boots and statement sleeve outfits on stage. 

Despite being an unnatural redhead, Florence once said of her red hair: “I’m a lifer now – I’ve tried going back to brown, but I don’t recognise myself.”

David Bowie

Although Bowie wasn’t a natural redhead, he chose to be a redhead for most of his career. David Bowie is regarded as one of the most influential artists of all time. During his career, he made more than 35 albums (26 of them were studio albums), and 128 singles!

Ed Sheeran

The ginger sweetheart, Ed Sheeran. Now, Ed is a natural ginger through and through. His most popular song is ‘Perfect’. And yes, you probably would have heard it play during many newlyweds first dance. 

Ed has colourful tattoos and is never seen on stage without his guitar! He writes all of his own music and has also written songs for other artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Ed experienced a turbulent period in his life when he was homeless, and in a relationship with someone who was addicted to heroin. This is where his first ever single ‘The A Team’ came from. The single sold 58,000 copies in a week and became a top 10 hit in eight countries.

If you want more exciting gingerness to listen to, then I highly recommend the above playlist! It includes all sorts across many genres, from songs written about iconic redheads, to songs written by iconic redheads! 

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