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The 7 benefits of wearing SPF daily

The 7 benefits of wearing SPF daily

Summer is edging closer, and so is the sunburn. But don’t worry, we have got you covered (literally)! 

Here are 7 reasons why you should apply SPF every day:

1. Protection from UV rays

First and foremost, SPF helps to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays, which are most commonly known for being emitted by the sun, and tanning beds. 

2. Protection from sun damage

This in turn means that SPF protects you from the sunburn, sun damage and dark spots that the UV rays can cause. Take extra care when applying your SPF on sunny days where there is a breeze, and even cloudy days too – although you may not feel the heat, the sun can still get to you! 

3. Delays the development of wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable for all of us; however, SPF has been proven to delay and reduce the emergence of wrinkles on aging skin. This is because wrinkles are not only caused by a decrease of elasticity in your skin, but they are also caused by a lack of natural oils and dry skin. 

4. Helps give shinier skin

The act of applying SPF is moisturising in itself, so keeps your skin hydrated, smooth, and dewy. The SPF also absorbs the UV light before it can penetrate and dry out your skin. Applying SPF daily will protect you from UV rays that you wouldn’t necessarily feel on your face. 

5. Lowers the risk of skin cancer

SPF protects you from UV rays and sun exposure, which has been known to cause various types of skin cancer.

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6. Lowers the risk of sun acne

Applying SPF lowers your chance of sun acne. Yes, sun acne is a thing – sadly. According to Eucerin, the sun dries your ‘sebaceous glands’ which then traps your pores from the hydrating moisture that it needs.  

7. Protection from sun burn

Last, but not at all least. The sun can still reach your skin through a layer of thin clothing and can reach your face no matter what hat you may be wearing. For those of you with fair skin, to avoid getting burned this summer, make sure you apply your SPF as well as adding a protection layer of clothing. You can even get UPF clothing that contains built-in SPF protection.

The information conveyed in this article, regarding the cause of wrinkles, was given by a dermatologist on

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