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How redheads should rock the colour orange

How redheads should rock the colour orange

Rocking the colour orange can be daunting for anyone, especially for those who have no choice in the matter. Orange is a bright and fiery colour, that clashes with many things if it isn’t worn right. Quite often, us gingers try to avoid wearing anything else orange as it’s a lot when combined with our ginger hair. But we shouldn’t dull ourselves down, just because we are topped with vibrance already. After all, no matter what you wear, redheads will never blend in! 

These items are all simple statement pieces, and easy to find.   

MANGO – £35.99

Orange is a pop of colour that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Satin skirts are staple pieces to invest in, considering they are so versatile! A midi skirt looks just as good with a plain white tee and trainers, or they can be elevated by adding a basic heel and blazer. 

ARKET – £90

A bright pair of heels never fail to make a statement. Orange heels will give off the perfect amount of pop, that makes you shine from head to toe (literally). These would work well with denim jeans, or a simple trouser. 

H&M – £15

Oversized blazers are always staple pieces for any wardrobe. Now that it’s (finally!) spring, there is no time like the present to invest in the perfect jacket. Blazers are extremely versatile, and can look both professional and casual. A basic pair of denim jeans, topped with a white vest/t-shirt and a bright blazer is the perfect way to incorporate orange into your wardrobe.

H&M – £14.99

There are sunnier days ahead of us, but for those of us in the UK, it is not quite t-shirt weather yet. A simple orange jumper is great for keeping warm, but it also adds a pop of colour to your outfit. 

ASOS – £40

This orange satin dress is simple, yet it makes a statement. Dresses like this are perfect for those who are attending social events, like weddings and birthday celebrations. However, a basic slip dress can be dressed up or down and would look just as great paired with a flat shoe or sandal. 

Boohoo – £18.75

Orange trousers. Scary, I know. They are a statement for sure, but like an orange skirt – they are just as versatile! Orange trousers are a great piece to wear in spring and summer. Step out of your comfort zone, and experiment with your orangeness. Lucky for us, you can’t go wrong, considering orange is guaranteed to match our hair anyway! 

If you’re going to stand out in a crowd, you may as well do it the right way. Experiment with the different tones of orange and find out which shades suit you the most. Consider your eyes, your hair, and your skin tone. Personally, I would avoid the paler (peachy) tones of orange. These colours tend to wash people out, especially those with fair skin! Start off by looking for items that are deeper shades, like burnt orange and rust.  

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