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Will red hair make a comeback this Spring?

Will red hair make a comeback this Spring?

From 2% of the population to what seemed like 20%. Do you remember when red hair was everywhere?

It is almost 13 months since Kendall Jenner, and Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner, surprised the world with their ginger hair.

Barbie Ferreira got there in January 2022, with the caption “Oopsies”. Her fans went crazy, with the post receiving over one million likes!

@barbieferreira via Instagram

Kendall debuted her hair transformation on the Prada runway in February 2022, and it’s safe to say she looked… fire.

@kendalljenner on the Prada runway in February 2022, via Instagram

This fiery statement spiralled into a mass trend of ginger hair! Hundreds of young people followed her lead and dyed their hair red too. From bright orange to a deep auburn, everyone was walking around topped by all different tones of ginge. Instagram influencers and TV personalities, like Stacey Solomon, posed for pics, showing off their new and improved set of locks!

@staceysolomon posing with baby no.4 on Instagram.

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Red hair is an attention grabbing feature for sure, and I know that any natural redhead has experienced its advantages, along with its disadvantages. During this time of red hair colour obsession, compliments of our ginger hair were at an all-time high. There was a shift from derogatory language, to an increase of the fire emoji being used to describe us 🔥 – what could be better?

Jump to a little over a year later, everything has returned to the way it once was. But now that it is emerging into Spring again, will the redhead trend make a comeback?

In my eyes, no matter what year, month, or day of the week – being a redhead never goes out of style.

By Danielle

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