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Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Annabelle doll

Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Annabelle doll

For those looking for a certifiably terrifying redhead Halloween costume, the story of the Annabelle doll is a true one. The real-life Annabelle is allegedly a haunted Raggedy Ann doll that was inhabited by the spirit of a deceased girl named ‘Annabelle’, given to a student nurse back in 1970.

After various strange and frightening occurrences, the student and her friend contacted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to help deal with the demonically possessed doll. In case you haven’t seen any of The Conjuring or the Annabelle films, we’ll leave it there and not say any more. But just to put your mind at rest, the Annabelle doll in question (currently) sits in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

So now we’ve set the creepy scene, it’s hard not to want to dress up as Annabelle, right? Maybe. Well, here’s how you get the Annabelle look from the films… *shivers*

White dress

ASOS: UK £35, US $50

You can either hit up a local charity shop for an old wedding dress, or any floor-length white dress will do.

Hair and make-up

Think undeniably demonic. Long lashes with heavy black mascara, overdo it on the blush, and opt for a dark red/plum lip colour.

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And to finish it off…

Complete the look by tying pieces of red ribbon around your waist and your plaits/braids.

By Emma

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