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Eyebrow dyes and tints for redheads

Eyebrow dyes and tints for redheads

As redheads, we know the struggle of finding eyebrow make-up to suit us, but what if we want a more long-term solution instead of using eyebrow gels and pencils?

Eyebrow tints and dyes are ideal for giving some longer-term definition to the brows, particularly if you’re in a ‘nah, no make-up today’ kind of mood.

As I’m laying off make-up while lockdown drags on, I’m feeling extra lazy when it comes to getting ready in the mornings, so thought a dye might help to define my, let’s face it, near-invisible brows, but without the daily effort.

Because I have very light eyebrows (like many redheads), choosing a shade that is both complementary of my fair complexion and my red hair colour is a feat in itself. I’m auburn, so if you look closely at my strands, among the red tones there are many muted brownish tones mixed up in there.

These muted tones cannot be ignored – it’s not simply the case that I just look for a ‘ginger’ eyebrow dye that’ll work for me. This all has to be more of a natural approach.

If you look at your brows in isolation, you’ll realise that actually there is only a hint of gingerness in there compared to the amount of red that may be on top of your head.

Being of the ‘auburn’ persuasion, I decided to try the ‘Auburn’ eyebrow henna from BRONA which arrives as a little pot of powder.

I was drawn to the product’s suitability for sensitive skin and it having no oxidiser, so irritation of the skin is less likely. (I’ve tinted my eyelashes enough times to know that I want to avoid eye irritation at all costs!)

My eyebrows before:

How to do it:

Instructions vary, but most eyebrow tints arrive as a powder which you mix up with a small amount of hot water to make a paste and activate the colour. Then, having applied some coconut oil on the surrounding areas I didn’t want to dye (any sort of barrier cream will work, such as Vaseline), I used a smallish make-up brush to apply the henna paste to my brows in the shape I wanted to achieve.

While the dye is developing:

As per the instructions I repeated the process at five-minute intervals then left the solution on my brows for 30 minutes. I’m happy to say there was no stinging at all, but of course you should always do a patch test beforehand.

After my 30 minutes were up, I used a cotton pad with warm water to take off the solution, and used some Micellar water to really cleanse the brows and remove any residue.

As you can see, the product didn’t stain my skin – it has only stuck to the hairs themselves.

The end result? I’m not used to having such noticeable eyebrows! But seriously, while I found it funny to get used to, the shade is pretty much spot on for me. And whenever I put other make-up on (albeit not very often), the brow colour really fits in with the rest of my make-up.

I would be tempted to try another shade in the future – this product claims to last 1-2 weeks, so there’s no huge commitment. BRONA have a slightly more reddish shade in their collection, called ‘Foxy‘, so I might try that once I’ve worked through this product (which won’t be for a while – there’s plenty of powder in the pot!). I might also leave the product on for a shorter period next time to get a fainter look.

What about eyebrow dyes for other red hair shades? Aside from BRONA, we’ve researched other brow tints and dyes that specifically cater to more reddish tones. Above all, my biggest tip would be to not get too bogged down on finding something specifically too ‘red’ for your brows. Remember that within your multi-tonal ginger hair colour are many muted, earthy tones, and those should take precedent when you’re trying to match to an eyebrow dye.

Dyōtics Brow Henna in Honey for lighter shades, Hazelnut for auburn shades

Wunderbrow in Auburn for mid to darker reddish shades

Brow Xenna in Golden Blonde for strawberry blonde to mid-range redheads

Do you have any good eyebrow tint recommendations for redheads?

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