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Glossier (finally) launches Boy Brow for gingers

Glossier (finally) launches Boy Brow for gingers

Ahhh, how redheads are so well-accustomed to being the last ones to be included in things. Ring any bells, ginger emoji lovers?

It’s a long time coming but Glossier has embraced the need for a redhead-friendly shade to their eyebrow product, Boy Brow.

Boy Brow has become something of a cult beauty product within the Glossier-loving community, but with only a few shades currently available: black, brown, blond and clear, so it’s high time that ‘auburn’ got a mention.

The brand does well to keep things simple both with their product range and available shades, but we would say there needs to be at least one more redhead-friendly shade added to the mix. While the ‘auburn’ is a good mid-range coppery shade, there may be a need for a lighter colour for the strawberry blondes and fading redheads out there.

You can buy Glossier’s Boy Brow in Auburn from glossier.com

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