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Best eyebrow products for redheads

Being a redhead may feel like winning the genetic lottery, but there is one downfall to having red hair: eyebrows.

Ah, the endless quest to find a redhead-friendly eyebrow product that matches our specific red hair shade. Bane of our ginger lives.

Natural redheads’ eyebrow hair is extremely fair so when you choose to accentuate them, the eyebrow make-up you use can’t just be the same as what other hair colours use. But the trouble is, cosmetic companies tend to forget that there is more than one shade of red hair out there, and sometimes forget about us altogether!

So, in the name of ginger beauty research, we’ve found a range of gel, pencil and powder eyebrow products for redheads of all shades, from strawberry blonde through to copper and auburn.

For strawberry blonde and light red hair

bareMinerals Brow Powder in ‘Ash Blonde’

Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Pommade Crayon in ‘Blonde’

‘Brow Love’ Gel For Redheads in ‘Blonde’ available in the Ginger Parrot Store


Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows in ‘Soft Blonde’


MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in ‘Dirty Blonde’

Fair redheads with lighter red hair shades will suit honey, caramel, ginger or golden-red tones shades of eyebrow products best.

For copper, bright and medium red hair

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil in ‘Ginger Roots’

Wet n Wild Color Ultimate Brow Mascara in ‘You Got Auburned’


Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in ‘Reddish Blonde’


MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in ‘Redhead’


Just For Redheads in ‘GingerRed’

Wunderbrow Semi-Permanent Eye Brow Gel in ‘Auburn’

‘Brow Love’ Gel For Redheads in ‘Ginger’ available in the Ginger Parrot Store

Those with brighter, more orange ginger shades, which aren’t too deep in colour, try out a reddish-taupe, reddish-brown, or a burnt sienna shade.

For auburn, mahogany and deep red hair

Just For Redheads in ‘GingerAuburn’, available in the Ginger Parrot Store

Kat Von D Browstruck Dimension Powder in ‘Auburn’

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil in ‘Auburn’


LORAC PRO Brow Pencil in ‘Auburn’

ColourPop Precision Brow Pencil in ‘Red Head’

ColourPop Precision Brow Colour in ‘Red Head’

For those with a dark red mane, be sure to use auburn, deep reddish-brown, or dark brown colours on your brows.

By Elizabeth

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