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Beauty: At-Home Eyelash Tinting For Redheads

Having fair eyelashes can be a problem for redheads. Granted, some gingers enjoy having peepers that look bald in certain lighting, but on the whole, it’s slightly inconvenient.

It could be agreed that having translucent lashes is one of the very few curses of having natural red hair.

So, before you get uppity about us suggesting that ginger eyelashes should be dyed (heaven forbid!), let us just say that is not what we’re saying at all.

Instead, we’re simply saying that eyelash tinting is a great option for adding definition to eyes without mascara, which is particularly helpful during the summer months, when redheads be spending most of their waking hours applying sunscreen to every inch of their pale skin.

Above all, eyelash tinting is a fantastic way to save time and effort in the mornings, and comes in handy when you’re rocking no make-up days, too!


Eyelash Tinting Before



Eyelash Tinting After



As you can see, the effect can be subtle and different for everyone, and it’s dependent on shade and length of application. The above was achieved by using a black eyelash tinting at-home kit, applied for 1 minute.

Most treatments are designed to last about 30 days, and generally cost £5-£10 each, with enough solution within each pack for a few applications.

Before you get started, here are five key tips for redheads when using at-home eyelash tinting kits.



Black or brown are the limited options. Redheads tend to have very fair eyelashes, so you may feel that brown will be enough to make a difference for you, but black can also look good, especially if you enjoy wearing mascara on a day-to-day basis.



This will be mentioned on the package’s tinting instructions, but remember to cover all neighbouring skin around the eyes with a barrier product to avoid staining. We recommend applying a thick layer of Vaseline to the lash line (avoid lash hairs) and eye lids too. No one wants panda eyes post-tinting.


Length of application

Depending on the depth of colour desired, the length of application will vary. In most cases though, lashes only need to be covered by the tinting solution for 1-2 minutes. Of course, you can repeat the process if necessary.


Keep your eyes closed!

The lash tinting solution can sting so keep your peepers closed tight!


Repeat monthly

As your eyelashes grow, you may notice your ginger or blonde roots coming through, so it’s recommended to repeat lash tinting once a month.


Alternatively, if you think at-home lash tinting is too tricky, you can pay a professional to do it for you, which usually costs £10-£20.

By Emma


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