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The best at-home dyes to keep dyed red hair shades looking vibrant between salon appointments

The best at-home dyes to keep dyed red hair shades looking vibrant between salon appointments

We don’t blame those who choose to come over to the ginger side. In fact, we admire you for realising that ginger life is so great and you want to experience it yourself.

But having dyed red hair isn’t all luscious ‘I woke up like this’ gingerness. It takes a lot of work and maintenance to keep dyed ginger hair looking top notch.

Particularly right now, when salons are closed and the only way we can describe our hair right now is ‘lockdown locks’. So how can you keep dyed red hair looking vibrant while appointments are on hiatus?

We’ve rounded up some of the best natural-looking red hair dyes that you can use at home to keep your gingerness topped up.

Directions Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Great for a top up of vibrancy. A lot of people choose to mix a couple of the Directions semi-permanent shades together. The result is luscious red hair that is bright and natural-looking.

Clairol Nice’n Easy Creme Permanent Hair Colour

This shade is the exact one that Christina Hendricks uses herself: 6R Light Auburn from Clairol Nice’n Easy.

Garnier Olia Viva Permanent Hair Colour

Using no ammonia, Garnier’s Olia range relies on oils to help maximise the longevity and intensity of the colour. Shade 7.40 Intense Copper gives an eye-catching, glossy shade.

Superdrug Colour Effects Wash Out Hair Dye

If you’re just looking for a wash in, wash out boost, Superdrug’s Colour Effects in Warm Copper Gold is an affordable and non-committal option.

Salons, we miss you!

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