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Ginger-themed Valentine’s gifts for redheads

Ginger-themed Valentine’s gifts for redheads

Valentine’s Day is the day of red. Red hearts, red roses, red cards, red clothes, but most importantly: RED HAIR.

So this 14th February, gingers should be shown just how special they are with gifts that shine as bright as their hair!

So, boyfriends and girlfriends of redheads, take note. And fellow gingers, use this list of ginger Valentine’s gifts for redheads to hint as subtly as you can about your preferred gift…

‘Little Miss Ginger’ Mr Men book

Available from the Mr Men Little Miss Shop

Little Miss Ginger is described as “a very confident and determined person. When she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her”.

This description pleases us greatly!

Gingerful hair

Every proud redhead loves to take care of their hair, so make sure your redhead’s ginger lock are in tip top shape with henna-infused hair products from Gingerful.

They contain lots of natural ingredients that are tailored just for what red hair craves, are sulfate-free, gluten-free, totally vegan and they smell divine.

Now available in the Ginger Parrot Store.

GINGE love

Available from the Ginger Parrot Store

‘Ginge’ is used all too often to tease redheads. So, you know what? Let’s take ‘Ginge’ back as our own, and use it to celebrate red hair!

Gingerella treats

Available from Amazon

A crate of crisp ginger ale from Gingerella is the sweetest treat of all for your favourite redhead! It contains Mother Nature’s magical healer, ginger, and a blend of lemon, vanilla, sugar and spices grown by farmers in the developing world.

So not only does it taste good, it does good, too. Plus, the packaging is kinda pretty.

The hilarity of Being Ginger

Available in the Ginger Parrot Store

Being Ginger is a comic book of over 50 scenes that all gingers can relate to, from being called ‘soulless’ to having a hate-hate relationship with the sun.

Curse you, UV rays!

Red hair, red lips

Give your ginger lady a lipstick that makes as bold a statement as her hair. Let the red on her lips match the red in her hair to let everyone know she’s here, and she means business.

See Also

We recommend K.I.S.S.I.N.G in ‘Love Bite’ from Charlotte Tilbury (who is a redhead herself!).

Seeing Red ginger photography

Available from Amazon

Seeing Red is a collection of redhead photography by Stewart Cohen, who wanted to capture what it’s like being a redhead, and the weird notion that maybe they’re going extinct (definitely not).

To create the book, Cohen took more than 300 portraits of redheads across two continents, accompanying it with a foreword from famous redhead comedian, Carrot Top.

Ginger by (nick)name, ginger by nature

Available in the Ginger Parrot Store

Sharing ginger pride puts us one step closer to eliminating negativity towards redheads, so this ‘Ginger’ name necklace is perfect for doing just that.

Or, y’know, for when you’ve forgotten what colour your hair is.

Let this Valentine’s Day be filled with ginger love. On the day of red, redheads are priority!

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