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Young redhead is the star of the show in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert

As most Brits say, “it’s not Christmas until the John Lewis advert is out”, and today, the wait is over!

This year’s joint commercial between John Lewis and Waitrose is the heartstring-tugging story of ‘Exciteable Edgar’, a cute dragon who breathes fire every time he gets excited.

But, who’s that redhead, you ask? Edgar’s friend Ava also stars in the ad, as they embark on doing Christmassy activities together.

Ava is played by 10-year-old Ruby Dailly from Glasgow. She was chosen from applicants across London, Manchester and Scotland, with this being her first appearance on screen.

As we know, redheads are often selected to appear in TV adverts for their eye-catching abilities, and in this case we’re not complaining! Something about ginger hair is rather cheering and warming at this time of year. And oh-so festive too, wouldn’t you say? Or maybe there’s an intentional link there between Edgar’s fieriness and Ava’s red hair?

Check out the advert below, and bask in the Christmas cheer!

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