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7 reasons why redheads should be proud to be pale

7 reasons why redheads should be proud to be pale

Earlier this week, natural redhead Nicola Roberts revealed to Stylist that her childhood dancing teacher body shamed her for her pale skin.

Being delightfully porcelain-skinned, Nicola refers to herself as “so pale, I’m blue and see-through”.


She told Stylist: “I was about eight years old and all the other girls had really tanned legs. I remember the dancing teacher saying ‘Look at all their little tanned legs, except for Nicola’.”

Nicola is now a wildly proud redhead and ambassador for body confidence, spreading her ginger pride wherever she goes. Here are our top seven reasons why redheads should be proud to be pale.


1. It’s pale and INTERESTING, thank you very much

This is something I’ve been told my whole life (mostly by my mother).

Because who wants to follow the crowd and worship the sun and its damaging UV rays? Be original and shun the sun!


2. Pale skin is mysterious

…like a supernatural creature or illusion (and only a little bit like a ghost).


3. We won’t waste our summers sitting in the sun

There’s so much more to summer than just lying still on a sun lounger all day, you know? Explore some museums, wander through a shady forest, or just bask in the indoors (and in some lovely air conditioning).


4. Pale skin symbolises our superpower: vitamin D

Redheads can’t absorb sufficient vitamin D due to low concentrations of eumelanin in their body.

This means that we cleverly produce our own vitamin D within our bodies when exposed to low-light conditions.

It’s just our superpower. No big deal.


5. Freckles can be noticed all the more clearly

There’s nothing cuter than freckles – they’re either kisses from an angel, or each freckle represents a soul you’ve stolen. Your choice!


6. Sun protection is high on the agenda

Staying safe in the sun is never something to be ashamed of. Redheads are at much higher risk of skin cancer, made higher by the more times you are sun burned. So get out that SPF!


7. Pale skin keeps you looking younger

Not only will SPF keep you much safer from the risk of skin cancer, did you know that 80% of premature skin ageing, including wrinkles, age spots, spider veins, red bumps and raised dark spots, is all thanks to sunlight? No, thanks!


A final piece of advice from Nicola Roberts when facing negative comments: “If you have an ultimate love and respect for yourself, it can’t dent you. It can only bounce off.”

Pale is the new tan!


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