Ginger-tastic cheddar cheese to mark royal baby’s birth

You might think the world has gone royal baby mad, with all the “when is it happeniiiiiing” furore in the press right now, but we’ve found something that really takes the biscuit.

[Image: Whole Foods]

And what goes well with a biscuit? Well, royal baby red cheddar cheese, of course.

Whole Foods’ ‘Royal Addition Cheese’ is launching exclusively with the chain at selected stores in the US, being placed on shelves the second the royal baby is born (any minute now).

Whole Foods said of its limited edition product: “Made of the highest quality in Southwest England, the Westminster Royal Mark red cheddar cheese combines a slight pleasant tanginess and a creamy texture, with flavour notes of burnt caramel and a slightly sweet and nutty finish, to create a world-class taste, worthy of royalty.

“Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in both the UK and the US and this rustic English cheese embodies the cultures of both the Duke and Duchess – just like the royal baby! In addition, the Royal Mark cheese uses tropical fruit pulp annatto to give the cheese a unique, vibrant orange hue, to match Prince Harry’s signature hair.”

How mature! (sorry)

Whether you find this all ridiculous or not, hopefully it’s a grate ginger omen that the royal baby will have red hair just like Prince Harry’s.

The genetics are entirely possible – if Meghan carries the MC1R ‘ginger gene’ (there may be some gingerness on her father’s side), the possibility is actually 50%, so they have a gouda chance.


By Emma


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