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Photography: Red Hot European Boys 2020 calls for ginger models!

Photography: Red Hot European Boys 2020 calls for ginger models!

Red Hot, the redhead calendar series, nay, the world-renowned, stereotype-debunking, show-stopping wonderment of gingerness, is jetting off to the beautiful Balearic Islands to shoot their Red Hot European Boys 2020 calendar, and you could join them!

Like most years, Red Hot recruits their calendar models from Instagram and submissions sent directly to them, so if you know of a red hot ginger guy who can help change society’s ridiculously backwards perception that redheads are geeky and uncool, then point them in the direction of Red Hot.

Now in its seventh year, Red Hot has long been redefining the ginger male stereotype into something that is adored, envied and celebrated, raising tens of thousands of pounds for various charities, including The Diana Award and The Anti-Bullying Alliance.

So far, the Red Hot calendar editions from around the world include British Boys and American Boys, so it’s about time the European lads gave it a go. Europe is the most densely populated continent of natural redheads, so there will be plenty to choose from!

If it’s possible, the 2020 calendar promises to be the hottest Red Hot calendar yet. Sizzling, even. Better remember that SPF 30!

You know what they say: if you can’t beat them, join them (and buy their calendar).

While Red Hot is indeed hunting for six more ginger men to complete their required 12-man set for the 2020 calendar, you can also be an integral part of helping to make the project happen.

Support this very important cause (ogling ginger men is an important cause, right?) and get your mitts on some gingertastic pecs – sorry, I mean perks – over on Kickstarter. Rewards include calendars, underwear, books and art prints!

Listen to our latest podcast episode where we talked to Thomas Knights about creating his RED HOT project and what he hopes for it to achieve. You can listen below, or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Pocket Casts.


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