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The redhead review of Apple’s new ginger emojis

The redhead review of Apple’s new ginger emojis

It’s been almost a week since Apple released their ginger emojis, so how do we feel about them, dear redheads? Many of us are thrilled beyond belief, feeling rather “ohmygodicantbelievemytimehasfinallycome”…

But there’s also a large proportion of gingerkind who aren’t happy with the new characters…


While it’s great that we finally have some red-presentation on emoji keyboards, it’s obvious there’s still a long way to go. What about when we want to shrug, share a little ginger baby, or just be a superhero?

Until we get more expressive ginger emojis, we’ll keep using things like 🦊🦁🔥🥕

How do you feel about Apple’s redhead emojis?


By Emma


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