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Orange fashion for Autumn, the season of all things ginger

Having an orange colour on your head is an accessory that gets you noticed. Whether it’s a compliment by a friend, “Oh I just luuuurve your hair”, or a ginger jibe from a stranger (let’s face it, they’re just jealous), it’s fair to say that our rare red hair is certainly eye-catching.

It seems the world is well aware of how great orange is, as it’s very en vogue this autumn season. So, luckily for us, that means there are plenty more clothing options to try to match to our ginger hair shade exactly…

H&M: £39.99


Collusion at ASOS: £55, $80


Reserved: £29.99


Zara: £39.99


Zara: £19.99


Selected Homme at ASOS: £45, $72


H&M: £49.99


Reserved: £19.99


ASOS: £35, $56


Zara: £95.99


H&M: £6.99


Apple iPhone XR, available now


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