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Fashion: Beach cover ups for redheads

Fashion: Beach cover ups for redheads

It’s August and the last of the summer weather is flying by! Some people might be stowing away their summer cover-ups and kimonos as the last part of summer runs its course, but not us redheads. We still know that those harmful rays can do a lot more than freckle our pale skin, whether it’s cloudy or clear.

So for you gingers looking for some sarongs, cover-ups, kimonos and maxi dresses, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of our top choices to keep you covered yet stylish…

Monsoon: £55


Boohoo: £18


ASOS: £35


Boohoo: £8


Accessorize at ASOS: £32


Forever 21: £22


Miss Selfridge: Was £39, Now £20


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Boohoo: £18


Dorina at ASOS: £26


Forever 21: £35


By Isla


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