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Coming Soon: ‘Kim Possible’ live-action film

Coming Soon: ‘Kim Possible’ live-action film

What’s the sitch?!

If you immediately understand that catchphrase then you were indeed a teen in the early 2000s, tuning into Disney Channel for the next episode of Kim Possible.

As a redhead, I remember watching Possible and her adorable, geeky friend Ron Stoppable (and don’t forget Rufus!) take on bad guys and win the day. Possible was a kick-ass cheerleader by day, a crime-fighter by night and all around show-stopping ginge!


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Ready to save the world…again.

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So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a LIVE-ACTION KIM POSSIBLE film trailer drop online recently. The short, 16-second clip was not enough, but here’s what we got: nostalgic, superhero orchestra music stirs, while neon green lights flash and closeups of ‘spy’ outfits flood our senses until Possible appears, exclaims our favourite catchphrase, and round-house kicks out of the shot. Whoa.

I mean, is it 2019 yet??

The character of Kim Possible will be played by actress Sadie Stanley, whose only other credited acting role on IMDB is a background player in one episode of a Nickelodeon TV series called Game Shakers. She’s a non-redhead in real life, but will come over to the ginger side to play Kim Possible. Hooray!

Another gingerful twist is the casting of Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) who often has red hair, and who will play Kim’s mother, brain surgeon Dr Ann Possible.

The actor who plays her adorkably sidekick Ron Stoppable, isn’t new to the acting world or unfamiliar in the ABC Television scene (Disney is the parent company of ABC). You’ll recognise Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg on the comedy sitcom The Goldbergs. Other familiar faces that are casted include Patton Oswalt and Todd Stashwick.

Also yet ‘uncasted’ but mysteriously listed on IMDB is Christy Carlson Romano, the original voice actor of our redhead heroine…perhaps a fun cameo is in the works? We can only dream!

Here’s to hoping more sneak peeks of the new live-action Kim Possible film will drop soon to tide us over until 2019. What are your favourite Kim Possible moments?


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