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Suncare: SPF protection…for your eyelashes?

As good redheads, we know our summer morning routine well: apply SPF to the face, body and hair, in all its many, many forms. Then, repeat as necessary (read: quite a lot).

But have you ever thought that your lashes need sun protection too? Even as sun safety-conscious gingers, we didn’t know that this was a thing.

Eyeko, home of award-winning mascaras, eyeliners and brow products, has developed brand new Beach Waterproof Mascara Vacay & Volume to keep peepers protected in the sun. Formulated with coconut oil to smooth, fruit extract to condition, waterproof pigments for long-lasting wear, plus the all-important sunscreen, it’s the first ever SPF product for eyelashes.


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It even boasts lengthening and thickening skills too, so it’s a great all-round mascara to use all summer long. That is, unless you decide to just hibernate indoors away from the sun instead.

Whether you think this product a beauty must-have or a fad, what’s the difference of adding one extra ointment in the morning?

Eyeko’s Beach Waterproof Mascara Vacay & Volume is available for £19


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