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Dior diversifies foundation shades to suit all skin tones

Dior diversifies foundation shades to suit all skin tones

With brands of all shapes and sizes starting to emphasise the importance of diversity (but let’s not mention the current lack of ginger emoji), it’s only fitting that the beauty industry follows suit. That particularly includes make-up brands, which have slowly woken up to the realisation that offering only half a dozen different foundation shades just doesn’t cut it.

It’s been every redhead’s nightmare – trying to find a foundation that suits their paleness just right. All of the rummaging through pharmacy store shelves, and rooting through endless online reviews, is exhausting!

So how about 40 shades, is that enough? Yes, please!

Dior is the latest high-end beauty brand to cater for every skin tone under that evil, burning sun, following in the footsteps of Fenty Beauty and firm ginger favourite, Charlotte Tilbury.

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation comes in 40 shades including 16 intensities and six undertones. It’s lightweight and buildable too, so you can add more layers of product depending on how much coverage you need.

It’s also said to be the same foundation that Meghan Markle used on her wedding day to Prince Harry, which gave full coverage but also allowed her freckles to shine through (something we can get behind!).

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Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is available for £29


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