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Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Perfect For Redheads

Review: Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation, Perfect For Redheads

I don’t need to describe the pure frustration of searching high and low for a foundation that suits redheads’ pale skin.

Those with red hair are often ignored in the make-up realm, so if there was ever a perfect foundation product in the world, I’d be sure to shout about it.


Well, here I am, shouting loud and clear about Charlotte Tilbury’s new Magic Foundation in 1 Fair.


Applying using your fingers or a brush, the foundation is lightweight and mattifying – not heavy, orange or caked-on at all. Also, considering my freckles aren’t hugely prominent at winter time, you can still see them faintly through the foundation.

Oh, and it’s SPF 15. Glorious.


I usually use concealer for under my eyes and any blemishes but otherwise, the coverage of the Magic Foundation is perfectly poreless. Although, due to the paleness of the shade, I would recommend applying blusher on top to give a bit of glow on the cheeks.

Perhaps it’s because she’s a natural redhead herself, or maybe it’s her long-standing experience as make-up artist to the stars, but Charlotte Tilbury is a ginger genius. There is also concealers available.

A slight downside may be the price at £29.50, but it’s worth it just for knowing you no longer have to use trial and error on other foundations before you find the right one.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation is available in 15 demi-matte shades from various stores but also charlottetilbury.com.

By Emma


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